Culleton sends petition to QEII, explains senators constitutional role

Culleton sends petition to QEII, explains senators constitutional role

Former WA Senator Rod Culleton has informed his followers that he has closed off and posted his petition to the the Queen after receiving 12,000 plus signatures.

Rod Culleton updates his followers

He also went on to explain a senators constitutional role through Odgers’ Australian Senate Practice manual which states:

To the electors of Australia who by their votes established and have sustained constitutional government in the Commonwealth of Australia and one group of their chosen agents and trustees, the Senators who hold a large portion of that trust.

Chapter 1

The Senate and its constitutional role

The Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia, which is given the power to make laws for the Commonwealth by the Constitution, has two elected houses: the Senate and the House of Representatives.
There are two reasons for this division of the law-making body, the legislature, into two houses. Both reasons have a long history, pre-dating the framing of the Australian Constitution by elected conventions in the 1890s.

The first is expressed by the term bicameralism, the principle that making and changing the laws should require the consent of two different bodies. The requirement for the consent of two differently constituted assemblies is a quality control on the making of laws. It is also a safeguard against misuse of the law-making power, and, in particular, against the control of one body by a political faction not properly representative of the whole community.

Visit: Odgers’ Australian Senate Practice manual

Culleton also encouraged[1] others to take out private prosecutions under s13 Crimes Act 1914 invoked through s7 Acts Interpretation Act 1901, against other government bureaucrats blatantly disregarding and usurping our law.

  1. not to be taken as legal advice.

15 Comments on “Culleton sends petition to QEII, explains senators constitutional role

  1. When are you going to realize that the royal family are part of the corruption? The queen herself is corrupt and pushing this agenda!

    • Did you not read the petition? The particular woman who happens to be Queen currently is not the concern. Rather it is the ongoing office of the Crown, the relation it has to lawfully constituted government in this country, and how that has been circumvented without the required public consent.

    • Mate we are so greatfull for you and your team if you need help with anything! Let me know! If you need anything sent to you or driven to you anything! I’m a soon to be ex employee in the iron ore sector so I’ll have time on my hands. Again thank you.

  2. Your doin a fantastic job Rod I personally do not understand law or the constitution but I’m learning I would love to see you ring the whole illegal and unlawful government down to be charged with treason mass violations of human rights and frauds my hat is off to you sir and GAP will certainly have my vote

  3. Thank you Rod for all you are doing. May God bless your efforts. I will say I am beginning to believe the royal family are part of this worldwide problem, so I dispair at the Queen raising a finger to help. When all the world is corrupted, that doesn’t mean we stop fighting for the good, and for God.

  4. Rod firstly thank you! What can we do to increase your efforts we should have been more than 12,000? We need to get you and OSTF more publicity Craig Kelly is very high we should have asked his members to sign it. We should have passed it onto all the new parties since you are teaming up as it is. Great work Rob lets get all of you together!

  5. Thanks Rod, given the currents status (illegal entity) of the West Australian and Federal government, why under constitutional law can’t we set up a new Government based purely on the law’s we are bound to. The New government would adhere to the laws of The Crown and thus doing so could not be challenged by a corporation. Food for thought!!

  6. Any merits to the rumors of Buckingham Palace, The Vatican and the White house all boarded up and ready for a great cleansing? As in, no one is even home to give our seal back? Just an illusion?
    Any merits that the Australian Corporation that was once a Government for the people, by the people, is listed on the New York Stock exchange and about to collapse following Evergrande, Blackrock and Vanguard being in some serious trouble?
    Perhaps our Seal is found else where and in the hands of another…

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