Letter of response to a workplace direction to vaccinate

Letter of response to a workplace direction to vaccinate

Former Senator Rod Culleton has drafted a template letter that may assist in preserving an individual’s right to employment.

Culleton said today he would help offer remedy to individuals being coerced into receiving a medical procedure to keep their employment.

Rod Culleton explains the letter of response
Tim Dwyer explains

Below is a list of template letters by State. Download the applicable template letter to your State.

“It is the common fate of the indolent to see their rights become a prey to the active. The condition upon which God hath given liberty to man is eternal vigilance; which condition if he break, servitude is at once the consequence of his crime and the punishment of his guilt.” ~ John Philpot Curran (1750–1817)

(Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom)

s 162(1) Public Health Act 2016 (WA)
s 203(2) Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008 (VIC)
s 362D Public Health Act 2005 (QLD)
s 120(4) Public Health Act 1997 (ACT)
s 101(2) Emergency Management Act 2013 (NT)
s 81 South Australian Public Health Act 2011 (SA)
s 10 Public Health Act 2010 (NSW)
s 242(1) Work Health and Safety Act 2012 (TAS)
George v Rockett [1990] HCA 26; 170 CLR 104; 64 ALJR 384; 93 ALR 483; 48 A Crim R 246
High Court unanimously holds that Queensland Rail is a trading corporation within the
meaning of s 51(xx) of the Constitution
s2 Constitution Act 1889 (WA)
Corporations (Commonwealth Powers) Act 2001
s 118 Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (UK)
Stay of the Emergency Temporary Standard Requiring Mandatory Vaccines or Testing for All Employers (US)
Emergency Temporary Standard Stayed by Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals (US)

*Not to be taken as legal advice

232 Comments on “Letter of response to a workplace direction to vaccinate

    • Thank you Rod
      You are a man of great heart.
      With people like you fighting with us, we will win the war.
      God bless you and your family,

      • Thank you for your time and support in serving the Australian people and helping to educate us on our rights. I will be using my letter to give to my employer ( I am a disability support worker). My employer did not want to enforce the mandate but they think they will receive hefty fines or lose their small business if they don’t. The damage and duress the states are putting on the Australian people and small business owners is abhorrent. I hope they are brought to justice once this is all said and done through a royal commission or such. I have joined your party GAP, so I am now a member and let’s show these evil entities in the next election we the Australian people, know our rights and reserve the right to say No. I do not consent!!!

          • My work aren’t mandating but are saying it’s a requirement because businesses are requiring it to access their site. Can this letter be issued to each business that refuses me entry even though they haven’t mandated but made it a requirement? So weird

        • Plz download the affidavit of Baron David Ward, we are still under the queen of assent and this covers is in Australia. It explains what is lawful and we are man & woman and not property as per say

        • Wardens at Maryborough Prison QLd, 30 wardens have walked off the job.
          They have up to Friday the 14th Jan 2022 to give reasons why they refuse to have the untested MRNA injections trial drugs called a vaccine.
          I download the letter to employer for them to use.
          They joined the Red Union who are as useless as tits on a bull.
          I am a proud member of the GAP, we need a federal GAP candidate asap.

        • Thank you for your knowledge, patients and guidance I am fighting all the way. You give me tools and hope.

          • Hi, can the catholic schools Vic (MACS) require vaccination certificate if I have been on family leave for 3 years and have extended my leave until 2023? They are asking me as ongoing contract but I thought not required unless on site.

        • Hi I received an email from NSW Chief Executive Officer stating that cause I’m not willing to follow NSW act I’m terminated with 5 weeks in lieu. Can I still use the notice please?

          • Hopefully one of Rod’s team can answer, but I say they can’t terminate you unless you agree to be terminated. Don’t sign ANYTHING that terminates or modifies your job description, and yes, I would send it to them asap. 🙂

          • My partner took this letter (for WA) in when he got a mass text asking for proof of covid vax….. the manager sent it to HR Aus Head office. Today he was told HR didn’t know what to do so they have sent it to Chevron HR in US. He was told he won’t get hours next week while they wait for a reply. Fingers crossed he will be ok in the end but certainly a strange development…
            Quite bizarre.

        • I really hope this letter works. I work for Aldi. They are willing to let go of all employees who we refuse the vaccine

          • Hi Stephanie, I am looking at sending this letter today. I have not replied to the survey for office staff as yet as I do not believe I have to provide my personal medical information.

          • I work for Coles & was told today that they are not approving any leave after the 31st January 2022. So it sounds like if we have any type of leave left over, then it will be paid out & if we haven’t received at least 1 jab by that date, then we will be terminated.

      • Hi Peter, I believe while politicians, premiers, judges, lawyers, police, the military are all free masons, people don’t have any legal rights and the system will fail them every time just as we are seeing now in this covid era. It was always there but now its just blatantly obvious

        • Excellent! I cannot open the template letter to WA employers written by Rod Culleton. My phone states “you do not have the app to open this download”. No idea which app needed.
          Your letter above is excellent

          • Thank you so much Rod. You are doing amazing things for Australia. I passed on your letter to my employer. They replied with FAQ’s, and have stood me down. That’s OK. I’m waiting for the next step.
            Continue what you are doing. You have my vote.

          • Hi Bozanna,
            Do you have word on your phone? As it will open up if you do then email it to yourself

          • Mine didn’t open either on my iphone, so had to click on the word “download” just down below it and then it opened automatically.

          • it’s word document with extension .docx. Check playstore for relevent apps, maybe check google docs app. Cheers Marian

          • Try and click where it says the state name, not where it says “Download” . Don’t click The download part

          • Sarah f
            Sometimes it’s better to be silent and thought dumb than to speak and remove all doubt.

          • Go to your app store, depending on whether you use Apple or Android, download one of the free offices, which is compatible with Microsoft Office, this should open the template.

      • One of his videos he says you send reminder notices after certain time periods the first being after 3 days, now if only I can find that darn video I think it’s on GAP Facebook page

    • Yep, all the workplaces that I have seen here saying that they are not mandated the vaccine, they are just after evidence of whether you have had one or not. This letter is useless and will get us nowhere. At the end of the day, this letter changes nothing and you can be terminated.

    • This is one of the dumbest things I have ever seen, and I have watched Twilight. What you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

    • Clearly not a single person here has a law degree. You do realise that throwing a bunch of unrelated, irrelevant case law and legislation (none of which is cited correctly) into a document in an incoherent format does not equate a ‘home run,’ right? RIGHT?! But honestly, good luck with unemployment. So glad my tax payer dollars are going toward supporting nitwits such as yourselves. Enjoy your church supplied body bags.

      • Sarah F, ..I hope you find some happiness and truth in your life and all the bitterness is released also.
        Its called compassion for other people. Sometimes you have to stop looking inside and look out to see the truth…..true character is found in how you treat others……These people commenting are not the ones who will need body bags as they have made a choice at all costs to stay healthy and live and not succumb to lies and deception. That my friend takes immense courage to do so..it takes more courage than complying with what you know is wrong. They are the Awake ones my friend.

      • Your contributions are appreciated, just keep working, paying taxes and getting those life saving vaccines. Please?

      • Don’t be such a scared wimp your whole life… body bags…. Pffft . Friendly Reminder, it was the government that stole your freedoms, destroyed your businesses and ruined your childrens futures. It wasn’t the unvaccinated people.

      • Agreed as to the validity of the comments concerning the haphazard citation of case law of dubious relevance. What a HCA decision on a specific WA constitutional decision has to do with other states and the territories escapes me as I have been unable to find a similar provision in the constitutions of those other jurisdictions. For a friend who is facing loss of work I attempted to redraft this but it is too incoherent. The last time I saw anything this bad was by a barrack room lawyer who was clearly mentally disturbed.
        It has clearly not been reviewed by any qualified lawyer.
        Hint for those who might want to redraft this-less is more.

      • I’ll agree with the other poster you are quite bitter. Rod and his team are experts on the constitution which should be the over arching mechanism of all other laws. If the system doesn’t recognise this then it is a corrupt system, get that straight

    • The Tim Dwyer video below Rods video sums it up. I’ve been working at my place of employment for nearly 10 years so I am owed 3 months long service anyway. So that gives me some time , so hopeful that we can sue these corporations in the future for loss of income when they illegally fire us

      • I would send a reminder . I would also send in an application to Fair Work as you have used a lawful excuse. Fair Work is the easiest way for now. I would also file a complaint with the Human Rights Commission in your State.,

  1. THANK YOU Rod for everything you are trying to do to help so many Aussies!
    I hope this assists a relative who is in WA police.
    I live in Qld. Is it possible to use this, as an independent (self employed) ABN worker in disability support? It’s been mandated by the Qld Health Dept, yet technically my ’employer’ is an individual with whom I have an NDIS service agreement. Technically I’m paid by the Federally funded NDIS. They have recommended mandating workers within registered NDIS providers, which I am not. The Queensland Health Dept has broadened their net to covered literally everybody including the volunteers. It’s very confusing for everybody concerned.
    Eveybody greatly appreciates your efforts and will never be forgotten.

    • Yes! I am in a similar position with providing NDIS services as an individual. Actually I chose not to renew my blue card/disability card as it would have meant having to become registered through PRODA and have a digital MyGov ID… I saw the writing on the wall !

      • Has anyone used this document yet and got a reply from management? I’m a contractor/casual and was wondering if this would still give me a leg to stand on?

        • see comments above some people have and have been terminated, another got legal replies back from their employer’s lawyers – pays to read the comments – some are positive others not so – what is important is to get your own legal advice and if you do use the letter edit it to suit your needs – I believe Rod said to contact him for more advice/support. All the best to you.

      • Hi Rod,
        When I download SA letter ms offoce wants me to grant access to other data?
        Is there another way?
        My employer has (reluctantly) foreshadowed a meeting re the jabbadabbadingdong re access to private property sites. Boss is nice guy and smart but is a television watching news believer.
        My wife works for tafe and our 17 year old daughter works for a physio and our 14 year old son wants a job one day. Thankyou for your work re the Great Seal, Q of Aust’, ’73 etc.
        I feel that you and Ric and Lurnpa Lurnpa are courageous and courage is love.
        Cheers Paul J

    • Firstly thank you to everyone for this information.
      Hello Kate, my name is Troy, I am a sole trader (no longer) working in disability and like you I am not a registered NDIS provider. Public Health Orders still exist here in NSW preventing anyone un-vaccinated from providing services to an NDIS client. I am seeking legal advise as I need to return to work, my wife and I are now both unemployed and have mortgage repayments pressing.
      I am considering returning to work and fighting any fines, if you wish to share resources or get in contact please do.

      • Thanks Rod! Have you contacts in the legal sector that can check the documents over? Your hard work is always appreciated!

        • I can’t use this as iam not working for trading. I am a Soletrader and working on Mable Platform and get paid from NDIS for my work as a Disability Support Worker. I am not allowed to work after the 15 th December without the Gen Therapy. What kind of document could. I use for Mable / NDIS?

    • Thankyou for this, if I am on long service leave through to Jan 6th … Could l still used this even though l an not expected at work at the moment.. Many thanks

    • My employer is claiming they are not mandating a vaccine and it’s voluntary but if I don’t get it, it will be considered a contract breach for failing to follow a fair and reasonable direction by my employer. Would this letter be applicable in that situation?

      • THANKYOU Rod for doing this, huge Effort for the good of humanity your Defantly got my vote, get some sleep mate ya looking tied it’s been a big few months.

      • Where does it say in your contract you must be vaccinated? It is not a fair and reasonable direction to be injected with a trial experimental treatment. This letter would be useful but from my own experience the bigger companies are ignoring them.

        • Yeah, I worry about that aswell with the bigger companies. The one I work for has put it in as a ‘policy’ Australia wide so I’m unsure if this letter is even suitable. I’m willing to give it a crack anyway……got nothing to lose.

          • Same for my NGO -Policy has been distributed by email for electronic acknowledgement. I did not tick & agree. I will be stood down at the moment. They say I can not do my role as I can not enter a Correctional faciitity however I have managed via video link during the lockdowns!

            Even had the CEO with crocodile tears…

      • How the h%ll can an untested biological experiment that breaches the law of the land be a fair and reasonable direction??? Put that to them in writing as a first evidence.
        Remember, if employer can’t provide the material data safety sheet they are in breach of OHS guidelines. HOLD THE LINE !!!!

      • Yes is the answer. Also; Join Solutions Empowerment.com (there is cost to join in order to see the forum however they do have a freebies section) and go in the forum activity feed; ye will find many answers already answered. your employer is lying to ye “Medical procedures” can not be said to be a reasonable direction; directions are not enforceable; no one on earth can be forced to undergo a medical procedure; we’re protected by the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution “Sect 51 sub section 23 A” “no medical conscription” we went to a referendum over it. However, ye can also agree to do it; slap them with a “Contract” for five or ten million dollars in gold bullion; ye are agreeing conditionally stick in a liability clause as well.
        ______________/ use this as well; ye will have to rearrange and subtitute ye name in place of John Henry Doe – plus insert a one dollar stamp and thumb print and autograph on it. (this is entertainment only not legal advice) good luck.

        Principal Living breathing Man: John Henry Doe
        D. O. B: 25-12-00

        01 Heaven River Road
        Western Australia

        State: ……………………………………………….
        Country: Australia
        Post Code:…………………………………………
        PO Box:…………………………………………….
        Indemnity Insurance name and policy number: ……………………………………………

        Notice to agent is notice to principal and notice to principal is notice to agent. All addressed parties Joint and severally and applicable to all Successors nominees and/or assigns.
        Acting Man/Woman and/or as well as Office found of Corporation/Organization;
        We/us John Henry Doe a living breathing Man in observance of faith in God through Jesus Christ and humbly relaying on God’s promise giving dominion and freedom to Man bestowed upon we/us John Henry Doe through Jesus Christ by truth and the Natural Law of God; Yahweh, our yes be yes and our no be no, do state that the truths and facts herein are of firsthand and within my own knowledge, as being true, correct, complete, certain, not misleading, so help me Yahweh.
        1. We/us John Henry Doe are over the age of twenty one and are of legal age to testify, if so required.
        2. We/us John Henry Doe have firsthand knowledge of the facts stated herein.
        3. We/us John Henry Doe are a living breathing Man.
        4. We/us John Henry Doe have not been presented with any evidence that we/us are not a Man, and we/us believe that no such evidence exists.
        5. We/us are not an entity, legal person, person, citizen, resident, name, trust, estate, government entity or employee, “other”, “you”, “everyone”, nor any form of creature of statute or surety for “LEGAL NAME”.
        6. We/us John Henry Doe are not dead.
        7. We/us John Henry Doe act in the office of executor and beneficiary of the Estate titled “JOHN HENRY DOE”.
        8. We/us John Henry Doe have authority, jurisdiction, standing to act in the office of executor and beneficiary of the Estate titled “JOHN HENRY DOE”.
        9. We/us John Henry Doe have not seen or been presented with evidence that discloses that we/us do not have authority, jurisdiction, status and standing to act in the office of executor and beneficiary of the Estate titled “JOHN HENRY DOE”, and believe that no such evidence exists.
        10. We/us John Henry Doe comprehends and acknowledges that to make a false statement within a Living Testimony in the form of an Affidavit/Declaration is an offence and subject to penalty of perjury.

        we/us John Henry Doe on behalf of the alleged legal fiction, debtor titled “JOHN HENRY DOE” created by the State and Trustee/Crown; wish to meet all lawful obligations and offers to participate and wish to settle with you (the CORPOLRATION and or Man/Woman making the offer) [Math 18: 15-20] these being:
        with; ………………………………………………………..and……………………………………………………and require further and better particulars in order to determine what those consequences and or obligations may be, if any. We direct you;……………………………………………………..and………….
        ………………………………………….; to deliver to we/us John Henry Doe now or within 21 days of this notice the following:
        11. That in order that we/us John Henry Doe can determine the consequences and or legally comply with……………………………………………………..and………………………………………………….; we/us John Henry Doe demand that you; ……………………………………………………and…………
        ……………………………….; provide we/us John Henry Doe with a written order, in writing with the name and date of birth of the person making the order under their full commercial liability and the license number of the business/corporation that is making the claim that; we/us John Henry Doe will be completely safe and our health and physical living body will not be violated or destroyed, and our privacy will be completely maintained and

        12. Provide we/us John Henry Doe with a written statement from a registered doctor and with the registered doctor’s name and date of birth and signed by the registered doctor under full commercial liability and the registered doctor’s license to practice and with the registered doctor’s claim that our health and physical living body will not be violated or destroyed or that death will not be a consequence of having a “Poison Covid 19 Vaccine” ((WA Public Health act 2016 Authorisation to administer a “POISON” “SARS-COV-2 (COVID-19) VACCINE” signed 18-02-2021 by W. A. Chief Health Officer; Dr Andrew Robertson)) administered into our physical living body and

        13. If ………………………………………………………..and……………………………………………….. refuse or are unable to comply with 11. – 12. Then; we/us John Henry Doe demand that………………. ……………………………………..and……………………………………………………….show evidence why their license to trade in the…………………………………………………………………should not be suspended by the director general until these questions have been answered and
        14. Provide we/us John Henry Doe with evidence that; ……………………………………………….,and the government and it’s registrants; you ………………………………………………………and…….. …………………………………………..is not subject to contract law under UCC rules and

        15. Provide we/us John Henry Doe with evidence that; ………………………………………………..and ……………………………………………………. is not attempting to raise controversy with intent to deceive and damage us, in the absence of any verification of claim duly autographed and with the date of birth of claimant and indentifying the name of claimant under their full commercial liability attesting to the facts being true, correct, complete, certain and not misleading and with firsthand personal knowledge, and evidence that the people acting and trading for …………………………………………………… produce the law that evidences they cannot be held liable under full commercial liability for damages they/it causes us as a result of their unsubstantiated claim, would not be lawful admission by all parties with a real interest in this matter that they accept accountability and liability for its negligent action and

        16. Provide we/us John Henry Doe with evidence that we/us John Henry Doe not have a valid legal right claim to charge a compensation charge under contract law UCC rules and laws of equity (Luke 19: 8 2Sam 12: 6) as in the contract herein for agreeing to have a “Poison Covid 19 Vaccine” administered into our physical living body and; following………
        ……………………………………………….and……………………………………………………being unable or refuse to comply with our demand at 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, and if……………………………
        …………………………………..and………………………………………………………….refuse to comply with contract law and UCC rules and dishonour the terms of this contract; the said contract will have equal commercial energy by…………………………………………………….and.
        ………………………………………………………………..dishonouring “Contract law and UCC rules and equity” or by we/us John Henry Doe agreeing to comply with………………………………… …………………………….and…………………………………………….and suffer discrimination by agreeing to have a “Poison Covid 19 Vaccine” administered into our physical living body and violate our rights as well as violate our privacy pursuant to the federal privacy act 1988 section 94 and, and or fail to show evidence that we/us John Henry Doe do not have a valid legal right to have the contract honoured if………………………………………………and………….
        …………………………………by refusing or being unable to comply with our demand or by we/us agreeing to have a “Poison Covid 19 Vaccine administered into our physical living body and

        17. Thus after consideration for the risk and possible injuries or death by agreeing to suffer discrimination and agree and consent to have a “Poison Covid 19 Vaccine” administered into our physical living body and agreeing to allow our privacy and our Natural law rights to be violated by…………………………………………………and……………………………………………………;
        I will agree subject to the contract which we/us John Henry Doe have given careful consideration for compensation charge as stated here in:

        18. I John Henry Doe will agree to have a “Poison Covid 19 Vaccine” administered into our physical living body and……… ………………………………………..and………………………………………
        will and shall agree to the following Contract.

        This is a CONTRACT AGREEMENT between John Henry Doe and ………………………………… ………………………………..and…………………………………………………………..that upon this CONTRACT AGREEMENT, John Henry Doe will comply and agree with consideration to injuries and or death by having a “Poison Covid 19 administered into our physical living body and accept to suffer discrimination and have our Natural law rights violated by……… …………………………………………..and the Man/woman acting for……………………………………. ………………………………………and in this contract agreement;………………………………………..
        and………………………………………………………will agree to pay all legal costs pre; “before” & post; “after” any proceedings arising from this matter as well as an upfront Compensation Damage Charge in the amount of;…………………………………………………………………….five million dollars ($5,000,000.00) payable only in the form of pure 99.99% Gold Bullion bar/nugget/s or coin from the Perth Mint Western Australia and carried by any secure service recommended by the Perth Mint and fully insured all at your…………………………………………………and…………
        …………………………………………………cost; this is to be done each year in return for we/us John Henry Doe accepting/agreeing to have a Poison Covid 19 Vaccine administered into our physical living body and agree to suffer discrimination and have our God Yahweh given Natural Law Rights violated by/from……………………………………………………….and………………..
        ……………………………………..And; we/us John Henry Doe will agree and accept without intending or invoking conflict, and declare we/us John Henry Doe to be held harmless by the debtor JOHN HERNRY DOE and do hold…………………………………………….and……………………..
        …………………………………..accountable to contract law and UCC rules and law of equity and shall and will honour this contract and make payment to we/us John Henry Doe the said amount of upfront Compensation Damage Charge of…………………………………………………five million dollars (5,000,000.00) per year in the form stated herein for we/us John Henry Doe agreeing to have a Poison Covid 19 Vaccine administered into our physical living body and agree to suffer discrimination and have our God Yahweh given Natural Law Rights violated from/by…………………………………………………………and……………………………………………………..
        This shall and will deem John Henry Doe in standing honour with…………………………………….
        …………………………and…………………………………………………………and as a Christian and in observance of faith in God and Jesus Christ and the KJV Bible; we/us; John Henry Doe are willing to forgive (Mark 11: 25, Acts 13: 38, Psalm 85: 5) the agreement of this herein contract only if……………………………………………………….and……………………………………………..
        stop and cease and desist all direct unsolicited communication to we/us John Henry Doe and to any and all members of my genealogical family in any form whatever relating to the Poison Covid 19 vaccine and any other vaccine whatever of any type whatever and for any reason whatever at present or in the future for the next ninety years. Except for a letter of agreement from………………………………………………….and…………………………………………………
        to “stop and cease and desist” as directed above.
        Further saith we/us not.

        As Good As AVAL
        By L. S……………………………………………….
        John Henry Doe
        All rights reserved, none waved ever.
        So help me Yahweh.

        Done this …………….. day, of………………………………of the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand and……………………………Anno Domini,……………………………AD 2021. At,………………………………………………….State of………………………………………………

      • My place of employment (NSW) says I have until the 15th to abide by their new ‘no jab, no job’ policy. If not, I’ll be in breach of my contract of employment. Now I have the GM calling me to confirm my status. Where to from here?

  2. this one is worded slightly better I feel for WA, the other one had me lie about seeking legal advice which I haven’t and put me in danger, a few slight changes helped

    Request for the Law for Mandated Vaccinations in Employment

    Dear ,
    This notice is written in concern of a requirement made unto me, to undertake a medical treatment for the Covid-19 virus, as made on the basis that I may contract a disease and infect others thereafter and that the vaccination required of me to safeguard the community from that disease.
    It appears from the notice given, you are claiming to be acting on public health orders issued by the Chief Health Officer of the State which have not accompanied this notice in order to inspect whether such orders are mandating (contracting) and are enforceable and binding on me.
    Enquiries into the Public Health Act 2016 (WA) for which the Act has a provision found at s 162(1) for exemption by reasonable excuse, which is not accommodated for consideration in your notice, providing reasonable grounds for action against you for negligence.
    Your notice purports to be executed by an authorised person, being an entity created and governed by the Corporations Act 2001(Cth) claiming among other things, to impose changes to my employment contract by invoking a mandate that may not have fulfilled the legal process to overcome my constitutional guarantee of Crown law, found at s2(3) Constitution Act 1889 (WA) (s 118 Cth Constitution; Recognition of laws etc. of States) a mandatory prohibition against Acts devoid of the Crown, signature and seal.
    Furthermore, it has been declared by the High Court, in the matter COMMUNICATIONS, ELECTRICAL, ELECTRONIC, ENERGY, INFORMATION, POSTAL, PLUMBING AND ALLIED SERVICES UNION OF AUSTRALIA AND ORS V QUEENSLAND RAIL AND ANOR [2015] HCA 11 to whereby the High Court unanimously held that a trading corporation within the meaning of s51(xx) of the Constitution that the relations between a trading corporation and its employees are governed by Commonwealth law and not State law and, therefore, seeking to apply State law to its employees is inconsistent with the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth).
    The employer/employee relationship (which is private in nature) is governed by the Federal scheme of corporation law as requested by the States in 2001 via s 51(xxxvii), making the State Health directions inoperable by virtue of s 109 of the Constitution by extinguishing legislative power be imposed on the employer upon employees who enters the workplace.
    It is of great concern that I am informed by a variety of government sources, both State and Commonwealth, that the vaccines have not gone through the safeguard trials required of vaccinations generally, and that the vaccines are being rushed through on the basis of an emergency and fail to provide protection from contracting nor spreading the virus and may only be a mechanism to lessen symptoms.

    I have personal friends who have had substantial adverse effects and I am aware the occasional death that occurs immediately to several days thereafter as well. Reports abound that emergency wards of hospitals are treating vaccinated people for the after effects of the vaccines where nurses who are required to have those same vaccines, are refusing and leaving their workplace for fear of the witnessed effects.
    Further, there are reports of ingredients in the makeup of the vaccines that have cause for alarm in that they are known toxins and the studies to ensure the safety of these harmful substances have not been carried out in the push for early release.
    Albeit that said, it is my responsibility as an adult, and for my family that I do not put myself in harm’s way needlessly, and that I am not denied my rights to medical choice and medical privacy. In that sense, I protest the requirement made on me to reveal my medical status on the basis for employment, when I am not under the effects of a disease and cannot be subject to the State’s Quarantine powers which are for want of jurisdiction (employer/employee) as deemed by the High Court.
    Furthermore, it is my considered position that I serve myself, and my family, it’s best if I try to be informed more about an experimental drug with known, and unknown, toxins to safeguard my wellbeing.
    Take Note:
    1. The interference of a medical service upon me of unknown consequences, violates my medical privacy.
    2. I request production of the written law that requires of me to undergo a forced vaccination as a prerequisite of my employment.
    3. I request the production of the written data that proves the vaccine has undergone the clinical trials required of vaccines to prove its safety.
    4. I request that the law for mandated vaccinations be made pursuant to the constitutional guarantee.
    5. I request that the health directions and mandates be proved, for enforcement, that it has been made in the fulfilment of the law that governs this Commonwealth, for which unites and protects us.
    Failure to produce the written law mandating this forced vaccination, within three days of this notice, shall be taken to be unwarranted coercion and workplace harassment and bullying.
    Undertaking the vaccine as a condition to avoid work termination will not release, or absolve, you of the above numbered points and may be deemed a trespass without a written coram judice warrant. (See George v Rockett {1990} HCA 26-170 CLR 106)
    I expressly reserve all my rights.

    • Hi Rod, Thank you so much! So grateful that you are on our side.
      I received my ‘or else’ letter this morning, so this letter couldn’t have been posted at a better time. I have filled in the blanks and am just about to hit the send button.
      Also could I ask, can this letter be used for people who are on casual employment? And also, my partner has his own chauffeur business, just a small business which entails one car, his jab “orders” have come from On Demand Transport. Would I advise him to send this letter onto them also?
      I have been encouraging others to become a member.
      Thank you 🙂

    • I think with a few adaptations it would make a great letter to Shires and other businesses that are trying to lock people out.

    • Hi Vangy, could you help me out on this. Im finding a paragraph hard to comprehend… “making the State Health directions inoperable by virtue of s 109 of the Constitution by extinguishing legislative power be imposed on the employer upon employees who enters the workplace.” The part that doesnt make sense to me is ” by extinguishing legislative power be imposed on the employer upon employees who enters the workplace.” Should it actually read like this: “by insisting State legislative power be imposed on the employer and upon employees who enters the workplace.”
      Cheers, Mike

  3. The QLD letter has a WA Constitution Act reference in the 4th para. Is this supposed to be in the QLD letter?
    Also – What does the Communications, electrical, energy QLD Rail corporation etc have to do with QLD health organisations mandating the jab for job? Could you elaborate how this connects with disability/health services who are obviously corporations but just need to know the comparativeness around the written word which focuses on construction workers etc. Thanks!

  4. Thank you for the letter Rod, you are a true hero and thank you Vangy for the updated WA letter. My mum had an anaphylaxis reaction causing a heart attack back in September, spent 4 days in ICU but passed away. As of today, her death is still under coronal investigation. My employer knows this and this is my reason for not taking the vax, my mum was a healthy 72 year old with no known illness, even her own doctor was interviewed by the state coroner and we are still waiting for completed death certificate. I know it was the vax but the hospital could not say it. I will send this letter in although I know the response will be that I am still stood down as it is fifo requirement to enter a site. Frustrating that no employers would stick up for their workers.

    • File charges under The Criminal Act. Do not let them brush it under the carpet and get an independent enquiry on cause of death if necessary

  5. Thank you Rod,

    I am a volunteer with an emergancy service, at this stage nothing has been said about mandating these vaccinations, but my understanding is they are looking into it.

    I have been a member for eight years, and am hoping and praying that at the start of December 2021 that they wont mandate this vaccine as i don’t want to have it.

    I have two small children and a husband who works away, my children are too small to call for help should anything happen to me because of the vaccination.

    Does your letter stand with voulenteer orginasitions please?
    I don’t want to be forced into taking this so called vaccine or to leave the service that i very much enjoy being a member of.
    Thank you.

    • I intend to use it at my vollie job, I would simply add to it stating that it applies as equally to a paid employee as to myself who gifts my time to the organisation.

  6. Thankyou.
    I am currently with Red Union and I have a month left of working from home until my work wants me back in the office and is demanding vaccination to return. We have been doing risk assessment approach under OH & S and fairwork.They say they are having a battle as courts are pretty much in the pockets of state governments, and they have to direct their funds carefully to cases that are most likely to get somewhere, so they are trying but still looking at all avenues. I think your legal approaches are very good, not that I am a lawyer, and I would very much like to send this letter off to my employers at some stage in my battle with them, so I will try to figure out how soon I do this.
    I have held off becoming a member of a party as I want to give the membership to a party who needs the 1,500 and who I feel very aligned to. So I pricked up my ears when you said you were at 1100. I think yours is most likely the party that I would join.

  7. Rob and team, this is bloody brilliant!! Thanks for all your tireless work – I’ll be sharing this page far and wide!!

  8. Thanks Rod, much appreciated. The NT letter refers to WA Act and CHO of the state (not territory) – perhaps the WA one has been uploaded for NT? Thanks again for all you do!

  9. Nice work Rod
    Stay ever vigilant as I will.
    Your work on the Commonwealth legislation may go down
    as the most important piece of work that many of us will ever see.
    Just for your own interest I emailed the Governor of WA, no response
    Pete – WA

  10. Hi Rod, I have used a number of your arguments in my first and second letter, they are NOT negotiating or replying to my letters, al I have been given is a repeat of the instructions and told termination is a result of non-compliance. This is a big national company. Want to file charges under section 13 lets do this!!, how do I do it?

    • i’m going through an exemption from vax process last round out of 4; once it’s done i have an exemption to show aggressors. doing it through solutionsempowerment.com – there are two ways to get access; one, make a donation (used to be minimum $5.00) then ye will have access to all the documentation and the instructions; the process has four rounds and it’s all done through registered mail serving the Prime Minister, the Governor General, the Health Minister, the Education Minister, and the Families Minister. One of the documents must be witnessed by a Justice of the Peace. the paperwork is immaculate law wise and mentions all the Key Commonwealth Constitution Laws as well as Laws of Equity and Contract.
      The second way to do it is through joining Solutionsempowerment.com (i paid $99.00 p/y but believe it has gone up) where ye have access to the forum which in my view is essential because there are so many questions being asked and answered there and ones ye can ask yourself usually one to two days turn around, the main topic now taking precedent is the Vax issue and how it can easily be repelled but most people are clueless so the current aggressors get way with it all. i’m not just stopping there and have learned enough to know that using “Contract” and “Conditional Consent” by agreeing to do what they want for a “Compensation Damage Charge” in the millions of dollars but in Gold Bullion (Substance is best; stay away from Fiat currency; they can trick ye). i have gleaned that process from a few sources but the main ones are Romley Stewart (Justinian Deception), Bill Turner (find him on Bitchute or YT rrrr) and Mark Pytellek (Solutionsempowerment.com). Hope this helps besides Rod Culleton who is and inspiration and the future leader of Australia.

  11. unfortunately this had no impact to our plight with Qld Health. 20 years as a Nurse and more recently Clinical Nurse Consultant and have to either get the jab or lose the job. the letter didn’t help. 🙁

    • Didnt Ray say you could file a discrimination claim? He mentioned a lot of bodies you could go to with different strategies. I would start with one and work my thru them! Good luck, right is on your side…..

  12. Rod, all the bullshit aside, if I give this to my employer and they fob it off and sack me where do I stand?
    Surely our states lawyers have seen or know about this.
    Are they really just bluffing?

  13. John Nelson.
    Hi Rod, thanks for your work I am downloading this letter for my two sons who are in their mid twenties. One has been given the ultimatum to comply by the seventeenth of December the other who has another employer so far has not. These letters will have a greater impact if large numbers at each workplace decide to take action and use them.
    Having said that it will at least put the ball back into their court and think about possible consequences. The most important thing is do not resign let them terminate your employment.

  14. So from what I’m reading this is all linked up with The Paris Agreement removal of us and take the land.
    They even signed a document allowing UN troops to operate on this soil
    We MUST HOLD THE LINE as you can see some of the politicians are sounding nuts we must meet the at every turn we can win this.

  15. Thank you so much! Hope you will be letting us know how to join the fun in the Broome court proceedings assuming our employers don’t come to their senses.

  16. Thankyou I was up all night writing one to my employer you just topped it . Thank you and God Bless you and your family.

    • Hello,

      Since I’m a Registered Nurse in a private hospital which is following Qld Health mandates, do you think I could submit this?

      I’ve already had to capitulate to the first dose of Astra Zeneca, two weeks ago 😢.. Haven’t felt well since. The first day I had all over body aches and muscle soreness, and intense headache. The following day had massive stomach pains and diarrhoea +++ all day. Since then, chronic headache that won’t go away😢.. It’s not fair.. I have seen serious side effects, first hand .. I don’t won’t the second jab, I don’t want to lose my job and my house, plus I have dependent children 😢
      These drugs, being experimental, should NOT be mandatory.. I’d rather get the virus, do what the Armish did. 😢

      • It is a sad shame what our country has become. Being a nurse could you set up a private well being service of your own and have those who are awake to what is going on as your clients? You could register it on RDA Reignite Democratic Australia which allows people who are not discriminating to list their services. It’s something that could be done online also. There must be good advise you can offer that we all need. 🙂

        I’ve thought of that avenue if I was a nurse.

      • On the news tonite they said one of the 4 exemptions was for those who had severe reactions to the first one. May want to investigate that.

    • I used the template and instead of responding, work terminated me. Apart from following up requesting a response, what other options/next steps would you suggest. Thanks for your amazing work.

  17. Hi Rod,
    I am a business owner and I don’t want the vaccination nor do I want to force my workers into having the vaccination. Being the emplyer myself do I need a modified letter or where do I stand as the letter refers to worker /employer relations .
    Thank you for your efforts to tell the truth.

  18. Hi Rod,
    Thank you for your efforts for this very informative letter. Is there anything similar for business owners to put forward to their respective landlords if the business owner leases the premises? I ask this question as to the rights of the tenant ( business owner) .
    Your feedback would be greatly appreciated
    Roy Grant

  19. I have gone through the entire Conditional Acceptance correspondance with my employer, I am now up to the Affidavit section and will soon be serving the company
    The company has DEFAULTED on ALL 3 notices to date and have now gone SILENT
    From what I understand this has placed me in a good position to sue for Breach of Contract
    I havent worked since Oct 15th (when the company implemented mandated vaccinations)
    I have letters from the company STATING, the CHO is NOT MANDATING VACCINATIONS, but on other hand my company is STATING, refusing to comply to a LAWFUL DIRECTION could result in TERMINATION
    My wife is 16 weeks pregnant (our 3rd attempt since the beginning of this plandemic) via IVF and is classified as HIGH RISK, and my job comes with a supplied house
    If I am terminated I loose EVERYTHING.
    This obviously has placed an enormous amount of pressure on us but I CANNOT bring myself to be JABBED considering all the propaganda that is occurring and how hard it is to simply HAVE A LIFE now
    Rod Ive been following you for sometime now and your stance gives me hope
    My fear is I/We are running out of time
    I have meeting with Snr Mgmt on 10th Dec to discuss my stance, with a response from this team on 17th Dec as to weather of not I have a job/house
    My position on this is now moving towards anger and hate towards the company I work for and I will fight to the bitter end
    I only hope my Wife understands what Im fighting for and can withstand the cause
    Keep up the great work Rodders, luv ya work

    • Also you have a ‘legitimate reason not be vaccinated‘ (a phrase taken from fair work ombudsman) which does not require an exemption-that being consent is required to be part of a drug ‘trial’. the products are not fully approved and are ‘provisional‘. Consent is also not able to be obtained validly because Doctors are not allowed to communicate all the risks and downsides of the product-they risk loosing their job (evidence the Letter from regulators) This might help protect you from being taken to court as they will need to provide the evidence that you don’t have a legitimate reason not to be vaccinated. Hope this helps. Good luck

      • Good on you, hope you and your wife can withstand the onslaught.
        My daughter has the axe hanging over her head & we have used a combination of letters and made them a NOTICE, which has a default consent clause at the end.
        That is basically saying, if you do not reply honestly completely with full references to legislation i shall accept your tacit agreement & admission to be:
        1. you have no lawful right
        2. You are acting illegally & unlawfully, contrary to Fair Work legislation & others
        They keep using the words “reasonable & lawful”, so that must be based on some legislation.
        Also mentioned the no jab no job BHP hearing result about Mt Arthur coal mine fair work hearing which seemed to put a fair bit of emphasis on pre mandate “consultation”, so what consultation did everyones employer do?
        With reference to consultation by company XYZ with myself regarding the mandated jab, for my records, please provide the following:
        Dates of all consultation meetings.
        Times of all consultation meetings on applicable dates.
        Who conducted each consultation meeting & who else was present.
        What medical or other professional qualifications did each person have to qualify for that role.
        We have not yet put that consultation part in yet, will be next week.
        We are still waiting for the last response.
        Please do a massive study if anyone feels pressured to have the clot shot.
        A 20 ish year old girl did not want to have it, did because of the obvious, 2 weeks later she found out she was about 4 – 5 weeks pregnant with a bub she did not know about because she LOST the bub. EVIL BASTARDS.
        A brave whistle blowing nurse put heaps of adverse reactions out including one where a 20 year old had the jab, 3 days later she was found DEAD on the floor with BLOOD CLOTS oozing from every facial orifice were the words used.
        Crimes against humanity.

  20. The letter states corporations are governed by federal law. What about school teachers? Education is governed by the states so my employer would argue that they are governed by state law not federal law? Though I would assume all places of employment must still operate in line with the constitution?

  21. Despite the outcome so far – I want to thank you Rod for being there for us. You are a true legend, scholar and great aussie bloke!

    Had an appointment with HR today – mining sector WA where company is not mandating densely populated Kwinana but is mandating sparsely populated site just outside metro area.

    Employer paid no heed to the letter, as expected, clearly we are experiencing a corporate coup over the federation declarations. Have been told last day is Tuesday 30th Nov, cannot attend site after that. Have copies of everything submitted, nothing in writing from them yet.

    Was told what I presented was for the government not my employer.

    They are playing a circular game.
    Govt = your employer is mandating it on safety grounds
    Employer = nothing to do with me go talk to the government *door slam* left standing outside wondering how the f%$k we got here! OK it’s obvious how – apathy – but still it’s been a whirlwind 18 months – they have acted with deft precision and strategical psychological warfare. They knew/know EXACTLY what they are doing, they’re adept at their game, it’s an age old playbook, sadly.

    PS Immediate managers were quite prepared to allow a work from home arrangement – upper management couldn’t stomp its boot on that one fast enough – funnily enough only via a generated email from a no limb no brain dead soul entity. The Zombie Apocalypse is upon us.

  22. Hi Rod, the NT one quotes acts from WA.
    Also are these still valid to send to am employer, seen as our mandates are already in place and have been passed?

    • The mandates are in contravention to the federal law. State law (ie PHO’s and mandates) cannot supersede federal law as per the High Court of Australia ruling. All lower courts must follow the case law set by the High Court.

  23. Thank you Rod, much appreciated.
    I have already sent similar letters and the comeback is as above, “it’s not us we’re only doing what the government is asking us to do, you need to sort it out with the government”.

    I will send this document to them as well and see the outcome.

    Thank you,


  24. Hi Rod, I’m an IGA owner and intend to tailor the letter to be from franchisee to franchisor. I am upholding my rights and those of my staff and customers.

    • I would be very interested in what you do in relation to this with regard to mandates for your employees. Especially where you may go against the government advice/policies.

    • I’m in the same boat but most government departments are corporations. Do a google search with the name of your employer, if an ABN comes up it’s a corporation and this is applicable

  25. Thank you Rod,
    Are you looking to draw up something similar to hand to our school albeit primary or other? As I hear schools will be vaccinating kids sooner rather than later?

  26. Hi Rod,
    I sent your letter yesterday and got a long winded response this afternoon. Is there an email I can send it to you?
    I’m with a NGO employs about 350 people. Many are resigning.
    Thanks Kris

  27. Thanks so much for your efforts and support Rod, shits getting real now and hopefully we will this ludicrous war against the corrupt.
    If there’s an opportunity for you to do a follow up vid, highlighting the next step if we still get sacked,I think it would be greatly appreciated by all that are in this position.
    Again thank you so much for the extra efforts you’ve gone to.
    Paul and family

  28. This is excellent Rod, but can you please provide the full process for people… i.e. how do you follow up on this letter?

    Does the letter get addressed to the Company or the CEO?

  29. I have provided my letter to my employer today after being served 2 x compliance letters from them. Waiting for response now. Thanks again GAP for your support & info. The good work you done sticking up for the WA farmers who was about to loose their farm won my vote!

  30. Got my reply from Norther Star HR today and they didn’t address anything in the letter, only stating their Covid policy and failure to comply will result in disciplinary action and possible termination of employment. So what’s the next step? Kinda need some directions here.

  31. Thanks for your efforts, I received a rather curt and brief response I think from a legal mind!
    Work’s RESPONSE:
    “Our approach in this matter is consistent with our obligations under the
    relevant laws and the terms of your employment contract. I do not believe it is productive
    to engage in a protracted debate about the constitutional validity of public health orders or
    the safety of vaccines that the Therapeutic Goods Administration has decided are safe and
    effective for use in Australia. The issue essentially concerns your ability or willingness to
    perform your obligations under the employment contract. Accordingly, we are not prepared
    to meet your demand to provide copies of ‘the written law’ or correspond about matters
    unrelated to your employment.
    I strongly encourage you to consider providing a further response before the deadline of 30
    November 2021, which deals more directly with the points in my letter to you of 22
    November. Otherwise, I will need to make a decision based on the information you have
    provided to date.”
    Any advice is appreciated.

    • Lol, where is it in your contract that you must undergo any medical treatment to keep your job, let alone an experimental one?? 2. The TGA have not declared them safe at all, they are still under review as this is a drug trial and the results will not even begin to be compiled until 2023.

  32. Hi Rod, Could you comment and explore what impact the WHS laws have on these mandates, as they have an international treaty, and many employers are breaching them. We are one of many employees who are under a direct mandate from the company, not the CHO… this means the letter needs a tweak… has that come up yet? We are bein g told the comopanies are being threatened with fines of $90,000 per employee plus from worksafe if they are non compliant with covid safe measures, and it is cheaper for them to terminate the staff… yet it is not the ONLY way to stop the spread of covid… any thoughts would be great.

    • Plus not a single fine for any covid breach has reached court, they are unlawful and are quietly dropped when challenged

  33. Hi,

    This is great! I really hope it works for people!🤞🏽🤞🏽
    I was wondering if the wording was changed from employment to something to do with providing proof of vaccinations to venues if that would work too?? Or is there a legislation that actually mandates that proof? Or maybe if there was there’s an overruling one?

    Great work in doing this for the people 💕

  34. Thank you so much for your kindness is sharing this information.
    It was passed on to me and I have shared it with many people, some vax’d, some not. At the end of the day many people are hurting, some with regret for having the jabs either through adverse reactions or other effects that have made them ill with resentment and fear.
    Some like myself who have been working on the front line with homelessness, helping the vulnerable, the down trodden, the ones dealing with AOD and MH, those who are on parole and just want to get their feet into something solid so they can move forward and rebuild their lives. These people did as asked and wore masks when out and about, while they aren’t being pushed to get the jabs as this would be seen as coercion, they are being encouraged.
    Yet there I am 12hrs+ each night along my fellow guards as well looking after the safety of staff and residents being pushed.
    My employer isn’t mandating, yet, but they are letting us know some of the clients are asking for vax’d guards only. But then they are also offering $50 gifts cards if we get double stabbed. 50 bucks!!! for an experimental medical procedure, I don’t wish to consent to. Just the mere thought of it makes me physically ill.

    Last week the client I’ve been deployed to the past 20 months said we (and their staff though most had already been jabbed) had to be vax’d by the 15/12/21, 24 hrs later they flipped again, revoking their decision when a staff member challenged their decision. On fair grounds too, most in line of what you have stated in your video.

    This organisation preaches to support inclusion and removal of barriers then throws up this huge road block excluding the very people who are there for the vulnerable who aren’t vax’d themselves. It does get oh so confusing. In the 20 months I have been working with the vulnerable, who have free rein to come and go as they please, we haven’t had 1 case of Cov1d not a single one.

    I thought I had found my calling, where I felt I was finally where I needed to be. Now it’s so uncertain. I’m prepared to sell up and move on if I have to, maybe my services will be better given to the other tribe as we gather and rebuild another society. But I hope not.

    In a big side note, this plandemic has done more for pulling people together as in, love thy neighbour, like we use to in the 60’s and 70’s, even to the mid 80’s after that things got clouded, sneaking things went on in parliament without our say so.

    Families and friendships right now are being torn apart and that is dangerous for all concerned because divided, we will fall.

    #holdtheline #bekind #bestrong

  35. I’m about to lose my job due to mandates as of the15/12.

    I work for Qld government as a residential care officer in the disability sector.

    I sent this template/letter to my union representative & he forwarded it onto a legal team to have them look over it.

    I was told it would be of no benefit to use as I am working for the government.

    Is this true?

    Is there anything that can be done for my particular situation?


    • Im in the same situation, employer is a state government entity/ corporation. I think he said if it has an ABN then its a company and his letter does include these. I did a google search for my state run service and then wrote abn next to it on google and it popped up with an ABC number maybe I suggest you do the same

  36. I am currently helping fight corporations around the country these letters will be an added bonus thank you so much. You a great Honest man and should be very proud of yourself.

  37. Rod, its sad that the Legal profession didn’t get onboard till so late thus leaving so many people without the means to fight this earlier. Still i noticed that the letters are for the use of employees.
    Since the Governments are threatening Business owners shouldn’t there be letters for Honest business Owners to send to the Governments of their States informing them of the illegality of their threats and demands? Great work so far, and I hope to see Australians Unite against this usurpation of Foreign control on our peoples through compromised elected public servants

  38. Can you clarify if the State of Emergency act can and is above all other legislation and state laws…and in being so that nothing any person, lawyer or other wise can do anything about it as the State of Emergency act is as follows :
    (The Government is empowered to be able to put through policies that would normally not be permitted to do, for the safety and protection of its citizens. A government can declare a such a state during a natural disaster, civil unrest, armed conflict, medical pandemic or pandemic or other biosecurity risk)
    So how do we get around this?

  39. very much appreciate all the work that has gone into this document. I have drafter 2 previous letters to no avail, but this one is a beauty. thanks

  40. thank you for the letter! i have used this letter and sent to my employers but they replied irrespective of my personal views, company has introduced policy requiring whoever works in our workplaces to be fully vaccinated and my personal position and views does not override this policy. since i failed to provide proof that im going for a vax or a medical exemption, they are terminating me from my job. they also didnt provide any of the requested documents asked for in the letter.

    its sad that it has come to this.

    • Rod is a sell out.
      As if he didn’t know about this at 10% or even 20% vaccination. Now come with me a hide in the bushes and I’ll share some important information with you, pints to his hat to extract votes now at 80% vaccinated.
      Too little too late Rod my Hero.

      Don’t you get it?

  41. A similar thing happened for me after writing two previous letters referencing all the various federal acts that supercede any state directives. The employer ignored all the points and questions raised and it was obvious they were simply cutting and pasting text from set templates and they stated that the employment options will need to be reconsidered after the deadline

  42. Hi Rod,

    Thank you again for all your hard work.

    I’d like to understand if the legal arguments made in your letter/s adequately counter the legal advice the Qld Teachers Union (QTU) is passing onto its members, indicating the legal advice they have sought has lead them to be unable to support its members who are being mandated to have received their first dose of vaccine by 17 December 2021 and have received their second dose of vaccine by 23 January 2022.

    I am worried I will provide your letter to my employer, whom is a corporation (not the Qld Education Department) and they are going to roll out a counter-argument that is generally consistent with the advice the QTU has provided its members. Please let us know what you think?

    The QTU advises its member that if they have not received their second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine by 23 January 2022, the department is likely to suspend teachers pending a show cause process.

    The QTU’s legal position appears to be grounded on the basis that the mandatory vaccination requirement is to be set out in a public health direction issued by the CHO of Queensland in accordance with their powers under the Public Health Act. The notice reads further that:

    – We are advised that for the order to be discriminatory it must adversely affect persons with a protected attribute, such as a medical condition or religious beliefs. Conscientious objection or vaccine hesitancy is not a protected attribute. Therefore, the health directives do not meet the definition of discrimination and any discrimination claim is likely to fail.

    – The Union is also advised that the public health directive is unlikely to be found to be a breach of a member’s human rights or against a person’s right to consent to medical treatment. Members are still able to refuse to be vaccinated, in making this choice the CHO has placed a prohibition on you continuing to work in an education setting. Courts have said the differential treatment of people based on their vaccination status is an evidence-based approach and is not arbitrary in nature.

    From: Queensland Teachers’ Union
    Sent: Tuesday, November 30, 2021 12:27:35 PM
    Subject: Mandatory vaccinations for teachers and travel over the holidays

    30 November 2021, No. 27-21 | view page


    Mandatory vaccinations for teachers and travel over the holidays

    Mandatory Vaccinations
    Today the Chief Health Officer (CHO) advised that they would be issuing a directive that would mandate COVID-19 vaccinations, including all employees in state and private schools, early childhood settings, prisons, youth detention facilities and airports.

    The QTU has been clear with the government that vaccines should only be mandated by health order. At each turn in this pandemic we have worked with the department to provide a response in schools in line with the health advice. This has included ensuring appropriate hygiene, cleaning, support for lockdowns and personal protective equipment has been provided in both schools as ordered by the CHO. The QTU also called for our members, as front-line essential workers to be prioritised for the vaccine roll out.

    The Union’s position on mandatory vaccines is also clear, these should only be made in accordance with health advice, not at the discretion of the Director-General. Consequently, given the concerns of increased numbers of infectious people entering the Queensland community once we reach the 80 percent double vaccination rate, the CHO has made this determination.

    Under the information issued today, all QTU members working in state schools and youth detention facilities are required to have received their first dose of vaccine by 17 December 2021 and have received their second dose of vaccine by 23 January 2022.

    We are advised that the Department of Education is currently developing a centralised process for members to advise their vaccination status rather than a workplace-by-workplace process in an endeavour to reduce school leader workload.

    If you have not received your second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine by 23 January 2022, the department is likely to suspend teachers pending a show cause process. We have advised the department that this could result in significant disruption to the commencement of the 2022 school year given students are due to return to schools the following day. Members working conditions should not be compromised in the absence of sufficient teaching staff due to the mandate.

    The QTU has also called upon the department to prioritise the provision of rapid antigen testing for members in remote communities so that they are able to travel in and out of communities with confidence.

    Will there be exemptions?
    If you have grounds for an exemption, please act now to ensure your exempt status is recorded in your Medicare app. The Union expects the department to allow teachers to continue to work if they have obtained a valid exemption.

    Without a valid and proven exemption, even teachers with medical conditions or religious beliefs will not be permitted to work unless vaccinated.

    QTU legal response
    In preparation for a decision on mandatory vaccinations, the QTU has sought advice from its lawyers about what measures may be taken if a mandate was issued.

    The mandatory vaccination requirement is to be set out in a public health direction issued by the CHO of Queensland in accordance with their powers under the Public Health Act.

    We are advised that for the order to be discriminatory it must adversely affect persons with a protected attribute, such as a medical condition or religious beliefs. Conscientious objection or vaccine hesitancy is not a protected attribute. Therefore, the health directives do not meet the definition of discrimination and any discrimination claim is likely to fail.

    The Union is also advised that the public health directive is unlikely to be found to be a breach of a member’s human rights or against a person’s right to consent to medical treatment. Members are still able to refuse to be vaccinated, in making this choice the CHO has placed a prohibition on you continuing to work in an education setting. Courts have said the differential treatment of people based on their vaccination status is an evidence-based approach and is not arbitrary in nature.

    Finally, our lawyers have advised that no legal challenge to public health directives has been successful anywhere in Australia.

    In considering whether the restrictions are justified, the courts will consider the extent to which the restrictions impinge on human rights and are likely to find the limitations are reasonable and justified because protecting the health and safety of the public is a fundamental responsibility of government.

    Limitations on human rights are also likely to be reasonable and justified to ensure the preservation of life and protection of the community from the worst impacts of a pandemic.

    Courts are likely to agree that the balance between safety of the public in general and individual freedom of conscience, weighs in favour of limiting freedom of conscience in the way set out in the public health directive. The temporary nature of the restrictions is also a significant feature of this conclusion.

    Consequently, the QTU has determined not to provide any legal assistance to challenge the current health directive mandating vaccines for the education sector.

    However, should you be suspended from your duties and asked to show cause, the QTU lawyers will assist you in providing this response. NB: you must be a member at the time of the issuing of the health directive mandating the vaccines to receive legal assistance.

    Easing of restrictions at 80 percent double vaccinated
    The Queensland Government is planning to reopen the border to New South Wales and Victoria once the state reaches 80 percent double vaccination which is modelled to occur around 17 December 2021.

    Once Queensland achieves the 80 percent double vaccination target activities in the community will open to the double vaccinated, with limitations placed on those who remain unvaccinated. Venue limits will be removed from hospitality and entertainment/sporting venues and functions such as weddings, but all staff and patrons will be required to be double vaccinated. Private functions in hospitality venues that include unvaccinated patrons will be capped at 20 people. Unvaccinated people will also be restricted from visiting aged care facilities, hospitals, prisons, and disability care facilities.

    These restrictions are likely to mean that many of the QTU functions and events such as training and professional development will also require members who wish to attend to be double vaccinated.

    Travelling out of Queensland during the summer holidays
    Travel will be permitted with limited restrictions for double vaccinated Queenslanders. From last Monday, Queenslanders could also return from interstate and quarantine at home. Members who are planning to travel interstate or overseas for the summer vacation period should check the Queensland Government website to confirm what quarantining requirements are in place for the travel destination and date of travel. Currently, the road map shows that if you are not double vaccinated that you will be required to quarantine for 14 days in a government run quarantine facility at your own expense. If you are required to quarantine, this should be factored into your travel plans as you may be ineligible for special quarantine leave if the quarantine period extends into your rostered workdays at the beginning of the 2022 school year.

    Authorised by Kate Ruttiman, General Secretary, Queensland Teachers’ Union

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    IMPORTANT: This email and any attachments may contain legally privileged, confidential or private information, and may be protected by copyright. You may only use or disclose this information if you are the intended recipient(s) and if you use it in an authorised way. No other person is allowed to use, review, alter, transmit, disclose, distribute, print or copy this email and any attachments without appropriate authorisation.

    If you are not the intended recipient(s) and the email was sent to you by mistake, please notify the sender immediately by return email or phone, destroy any hardcopies of this email and any attachments and delete it from your system. Any legal privilege and confidentiality attached to this email is not waived or destroyed by that mistake.

    The Department of Education carries out monitoring, scanning and blocking of emails and attachments sent from or to addresses within the Department of Education for the purposes of operating, protecting, maintaining and ensuring appropriate use of its computer network. It is your responsibility to ensure that this email does not contain and is not affected by computer viruses, defects or interference by third parties or replication problems (including incompatibility with your computer system).

    The Department of Education does not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage that may result from reliance on, or the use of, any information contained in the email and any attachments.


    • Not only did teachers receive that spiel but then surveys to check our vaccination status and if you ignor like I have been you get one almost daily to remind you to fill out your survey. What foot do we have to stand on? I don’t want the vaccine and I have bills to pay and a house to pay off. What should teachers do?

  43. Thank you Rod et al for all that you are doing and continue to do.
    May the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob bless and protect you, I pray this in Jesus name. Amen

  44. thank you for all the time, extra care to get this perfect. and having the Australian Spirit to fight for freedom.

    Theresa from Queensland

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  46. Hi Rod, I emailed a copy of the W.A. letter to the superintendent on 26th November requesting an urgent reply as the company brought forward the cut off date from 1st December to midnight 28th November. Still not received any response to date.

  47. And the moral of this story is …. Where’s is our commonwealth leader hiding? He is a pussy and won’t say a thing. Scomo needs to go coz he certainly isn’t sticking up for all Australians, just the vaccinated. Remember it wasn’t the vaccinated who ruined businesses and our kids futures. It was the Government

  48. Thank you so very much. With nothing but my ‘opinion’ to safeguard my DNA integrity this document is most welcome.

  49. Thank you so much Senator!
    Does anyone known if this letter will be effective in the Education Sector? I’m in Qld where government is threatening vaccination mandate for all staff in schools and early childhood settings as has been done in other states. Anyone have success with this letter from those states?

  50. Hi, firstly thank you for the letter and explanation provided above. It is very helpful.
    I’d also like to know that even though a state have no authority over corporations, what about the public health order or state of emergency which apparently grants the need to mandate vaccinations and the excuse the companies use that they need to ensure the health and safety of employees and rest of stuff? This is what they use to override the corporations being governed by commonwealth legislation. How can you override that with the letter?

  51. @David Hensley Hi, are you replying to my comment question above?

    Tim Dwyer says when a company is coercing employees about the vaccine when it is governed by commonwealth law instead of state law, it is unlawful and a crime to employees. Then upon sending the Experimental Covid 19 Injection letter pointing this out to them, there is a public health order in place and the they also keep using the line that they have to ensure the health and safety of the people in the workplace to override that law, how can someone get around that? Thank you.

  52. Hi there,
    I work in Early Childhood of Education. I sent this letter off to my boss today? will this work for this industry? they are mandating it by the 17th Dec

  53. Great job Rod. Thankyou for all of your amazing. I work in a Vic Public Hospital. However, I was terminated as of 3rd December. Can I still send this letter?

  54. The letter for Victoria incorrectly references the WA Constitution. The correct reference ion the 4th paragraph is

    found at s.15 Constitution Act 1975 (Vic)

    • Carl can you help us out with the NSW one? Same issue… cheers mate. I can’t find the relevant bit in NSW legislation.

  55. i have sent 3 letters to Hungry jacks as they are threatening my 16yo with no work come December 17th, thanks for the letter, it is much appreciated

  56. Hi has anyone got a link to the talk Rod gave where he told you the steps to follow if your letter
    Is ignored? From memory it was a series of reminder letters, the first after 3 days then
    you do something after that. Are the steps written anywhere ?

    • I had the same issue, I am not a lawyer but I think it’s this:
      Part 2 8A (1) (a) Constitution Act 1902 No 32 (NSW)
      Would appreciate feedback if I have gotten this right for the NSW version.

  57. I would add one thing to the Take Note: points 1 to 5
    That is 6: I request that you provide evidence (location and date) that the Virus has been isolated and purified.

    This was proven never to have happened by a court court case within Alberta Canada. Therefore the virus has never been verified itself.

  58. Hi Mr Culleton , and thank you very much for your help and God Bless you my friend.
    I work for the Biggest Local Council in NSW , and I have been stood down since 1/12/21 for Not taken the JAB, I had used your Letter of response, But has passed way over 3 days since then , and No Reply whatsoever.
    So How do I take it Further of a ” Unwarranted Coercion and Workplace Harassment ” ?
    Because Unfortunately my Union Cannot Do anything at All related to this matter, they just reinforce to do what NSW ORDERS tells us to do.
    Where from here my friend ?


    Gil Vicente

      • Not really Derrrr, I personally know 3 people who have received severe adverse reactions. 2 Pericarditis and 1 stroke. Ages from 32 to 70 and in good health. The stroke victim is still trying to recover, cannot write and has other manifestations of the stroke still current. It’s not quite obvious as you think when you know people suffering from the vaccines and what you may get if you get the vaccines. Being an adult is having informed consent for example. There is none in the government vaccination policy. Maybe you have some growing up to do.

        • Derrrr is already dead, from the neck up, the shards of Graphene are collecting his senses, we won’t harvest your organs. Goodbye Derrrrr!

  59. To tell you the truth I’m tired of these ideas that are not working. They may work with some but ultimately we are all lost holding out hope for something that may never happen. You get excited when you think the constitution is on your side, you tell your workmates who end up thinking you’re delusional, I’ve called politicians on our side whose legal advice is different, it’s frustrating and the waiting for simply having the law upheld? When? I get the idea of you guys is to empower us so we can fight these legal issues and maybe have some success but at what cost? Plenty have lost their jobs, maybe homes because basically we are clueless with the law and they know it. You guys supposedly know the law so are you engaged in any fights? It’s nice listening to Know Your Rights each week but if they really know the law, get in the fights because we do not know the law or are being ignored and written off in our jobs as having nonsense ideas. We need people who know the law, not just ones who talk about it. We will get on board but you guys need to get things happening. We are told to think of the remedy such as s109 but it needs to go to court because no one will stop them otherwise. We don’t have the right arguments or strategies. Thanks for any good you’ve done but I’ve had enough. Unless you put some real skin in the game, it’s just hot air and we will be in the exact same position same time next year.

  60. Hi Rod, thank you so much for standing in truth, and to all other souls that are enduring this madness, don’t ever feel alone as you are not. On December 6, per the directives from Transport for NSW I was forced to take annual leave as I would not and have not given my medical status re, the injections mandates. Basically I have been advised by a “form flyer” that I had the option to 1. Provide evidence of vaccination. 2 apply for a health or religious exemption which would be reviewed by a “panel” for determination. If I did not provide any status or apply for exemption by December six I would be required to clear personal leave until February seven when my status would be reviewed. If after February 7 2022 I still hadn’t produced evidence of vaccination or applied for exemption I would eventually be dismissed. TfNSW is basically the governing authority over public transport in NSW, my current “cluster” employer being the State Transit Authority ( as a bus driver). I had considered before Dec 6 to submit a letter challenging the mandate but was unsure how to go about it. I will submit the letter Rod has kindly supplied but, I’m wondering if I should submit it now or wait until I am eventually supplied with a letter of dismissal? Do I need to provide any other accompanying documentation with this letter? Thanks again Rod, best wishes.

  61. Hi Rod,

    Firstly thank you for providing your templates. I would like to clarify, you have stipulated an Emergency Act for the Northern Territory template. Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe the CHO mandate is under the ‘Public & Environmental Health Act 2011’.

    Can you please clarify if this would adjust your letter slightly in regards to having a reasonable excuse, and/or any other factors under this Act.

    Kind regards,


  62. Does anyone know of a law firm in Qld that is willing to fight this as a class action suit, because I have just been terminated.

  63. Hi there, I have had a meeting with my employer where they said they would be issuing a termination letter when I gave them this letter I have had no response and have not been terminated only stood down without pay so what do I do to follow up on seeking compensation as this letter ends?

  64. I have served my Principal with the letter (Qld) on Dec 2021, he forwarded it to Head office, Education Queensland, and to date (10 January) I have received no response. I followed up with an email to the site provided by my Principal, after seven days, I again emailed the department a week or so later. On the 7th January 2022 I responded to a requirement of the department to a survey regarding my vaccination status. I followed this with another message outlining the non response to the original letter and subsequent emails.
    I am eager to learn what my next response should be.
    Could I possible get some advice on how I should proceed please?

  65. Hi, I handed in the letter to my work in Perth WA on 21/12/2021. According to them they did a risk assessment and found that we also need to have the vaccine for the office staff (construction industry) to attend the workplace. They have send the letter to the company’s legal department. I have been put on leave with out pay from 10/01/2022, and following a meeting on 13/01/2022 for another 4 weeks. They have now come back to me with a legal response and I need some assistance to respond (difficult sourcing a lawyer or legal council as me and my husband are not earing any money at the moment). Below is an copy from the letter.
    It is our intention to ensure that our business continues to comply with State and Federal legislation concerning the risks to health and safety stemming f rom COVID -19 (including the respective variants of COVID-19).

    It is our intention to consult with you, so far as is reasonably practicable, on the matters stated in the Notice so the purpose of this letter is to address each of the matters and invite the opportunity tor you to respond and/or elaborate on those matters in further detail.

    There are various elements of the Notice that are of concern, particularly those that lack any basis or supporting material.

    Please explain the basis on which you purport to have a reasonable ground for action against the business
    for negligence. Please identify the elements of duty, breach and causation which have entitled you to such a claim and we will endeavour to address those elements.

    At no point in time have we expressed or implied any changes to be made to your employment contract by invoking a mandate. Therefore we do not understand the basis for the fourth paragraph of the Notice.

    We do not intend to address High Court decision referenced in the f if th paragraph of the Notice but to state that the decision does not bar the State f rom implementing public health orders for matters which have not been addressed by Federal Law unless there is an inconsistency between a Federal and State law. On that basis, any public health orders and legislation enacted by a State body are indeed enforceable and subject to mandate; that is to ensure the business is not in breach of any State or Federal laws concerning COVID – 19.

    As to the last paragraph on page 1 of the Notice, we refer to the contents of our previous paragraph and note, your interpretation of the Constitution is not correct.

    As to the content on page 2 of the Notice, we note:
    (a) the business provided you with a direction to get vaccinated against the COVID-19 pandemic and such a direction is both lawful and reasonable;
    (b) repeating what is stated above, we would like to consult with you about your concerns with respect to the
    efficacy of the vaccine, the trials conducted and your concerns about the ingredients of the vaccine. So that we may properly consider these points and so that we may continue to consult with you in the manner required by section 47 of the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (Cth), please identify the basis of your concerns including whether you have any sources or peer-reviewed studies explaining what is stated on page 2 of your letters.

    The requests for us to provide to you those items under the heading ‘Take Note’ are cumbersome and indeed not appropriate. As your employer, we are entitled to provide you with lawful and reasonable

    directions to ensure both your health and safety and the health and safety of our other employees, customers and stakeholders.

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